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Dutch - EdDeNtEr & Pete4live with Tom.G's help S. Chinese - Sa nya & Weng Weng, Tang Xiao, Lang sing naam T. Chinese - Joshua Chen 陳立約 & others Indonesian - Khadis
Vietnamese - T.P.P.Nam & others Afrikaans - Yeasty the Penguin Portuguese PT-PT - Miguel R. & others Czech - Michal 'TeeZ0();" Pfeffer & M. J. Dvořák
Swedish - Joel Greek - tchnoto Romanian - Andrei "Trout" Badea Thai - Boss (9 years old)
Japanese - Dorawei Norwegian - André J. Catalan - Jamie M. & Eric Roy Lithuanian - Simonas S. & qwerty azerty
Bulgarian - Evgeni Ikonomov Georgian - Jimsheri Maziashvili

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